Emelisse - White Label - Decadence - Rum Barrel - 2020

  • type

    Barrel Aged Stout

  • landNederland
  • abv12.4%
  • ibu59
  • Statie€ 0,00

Brouwerij Emelisse - Goes

Besides the Emelisse White Label Red Hot Tripel Bordeaux Margaux BA – 2020, there is another newcomer within the Emelisse White Label Series! The original Emelisse Decadence is of course well-known for its distinctive sweet yet full-bodied taste, what made our brewmasters decide to look out for a barrel with a sweet touch in it. The result speaks for itself, the royal usage of pecan and nougat in combination with the sweetness from the Belize Rum provide a sweet taste, in which notes of chocolate and mocha are clearly noticeable. With an alcohol percentage of 12,4%, this combination neatly balances between the other White Labels.

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